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A seasoned appellate attorney is required to determine whether a trial court committed an error which is appealable and whether that error was prejudicial and a factor in the outcome of the case.  Since the bulk of appellate work is written, it is critical to select an attorney with clear, concise, and persuasive written skills.  Because the FREEMAN FIRM places a high value on written work product, the firm's attorneys have the necessary skills to be effective advocates for our clients.  Our attorneys are experienced practitioners who have litigated in appellate courts for more than 40 years.

Representative Appellate Clients Include

  • City of Stockton
  • Lagorio Farming
  • Beck Investment Co.
  • Pacific State Bank

Representative Appellate Cases Include

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FREEMAN FIRM's Client: Governmental Agency v. Property Owners

Case Overview

The FREEMAN FIRM represented Governmental Agency in an action to condemn property for use in a highway project.  Property Owners claimed their property was worth a substantial amount more than Governmental Agency's appraisal based on a theory that Governmental Agency's actions prior to the condemnation had caused their property to be worth less.  Over the objection of the FREEMAN FIRM's attorneys, the trial court permitted the jury to hear Property Owners' theory and supporting evidence, and the jury returned a verdict adopting Property Owners' valuation.  The FREEMAN FIRM appealed, and the Third District Court of Appeal reversed the trial court's decision to allow the jury to hear evidence of any precondemnation conduct.  (See 100 Cal.App.4th 887.)   

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an Appeal?

An Appeal is a complaint to a higher court requesting an error or injustice committed by a lower court be corrected.

What is an Appellant?

An Appellant is the party who requests a higher court review the decision of the lower court.

What is a Respondent?

A Respondent is the party who received the benefit of the decision of the lower court; the Respondent must reply to the Appellant's appeal.

All definitions provided in this section of our website are paraphrased from Black's Law Dictionary and are meant to provide only basic information about the terms used herein.

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