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Civil litigation includes many types of matters, such as real estate and commercial disputes; eminent domain/condemnation; personal injury and medical malpractice; insurance coverage and bad faith; business disputes; and appellate advocacy.  All the attorneys of the FREEMAN FIRM practice civil litigation.  Our litigators are tenacious, aggressive advocates.

Representative Litigation Clients Include

  • A.G. Spanos Companies
  • The Grupe Company
  • Stone Bros., Inc.
  • San Diego Chargers
  • P&M Cedar Products
  • Pacific State Bank
  • Conco-West, Inc.
  • Sierra Chemical Company
  • Ace Tomato Company, Inc.
  • California Fruit Packing
  • Lagorio Farming
  • Beck Investment Co., Inc.

Representative Litigation Cases Include

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Bank v. FREEMAN FIRM's Client: Borrower

Case Overview

Bank sued the FREEMAN FIRM's client, Borrower, for alleged breach of a $1 million promissory note.  Bank obtained an ex parte writ of attachment on Borrower's assets.  At a subsequent hearing, the FREEMAN FIRM argued the Bank's attachment was improper.  The trial court agreed, discharging Bank's attachment.  On behalf of Borrower, the FREEMAN FIRM filed a cross-complaint against Bank for wrongful attachment.  Bank settled the case and forgave Borrower's $1 million promissory note.

FREEMAN FIRM's Clients: Investors v. Farm Manager

Case Overview

The FREEMAN FIRM's clients, Investors, sued Farm Manager for breach of farm management contracts, embezzlement, and fraud regarding nine separate growing ventures.  Farm Manager cross-complained in Investors' actions and filed his own complaints against Investors.  The FREEMAN FIRM successfully obtained  dismissal of all Farm Manager's cross-complaints and obtained a multi-million dollar judgment against Farm Manager in all actions filed by Investors.

Partner A v. FREEMAN FIRM's Client: Partner B

Case Overview

Partner A and Partner B formed a partnership which owned a professional sports team.  After sale of the team, Partner A filed suit against the FREEMAN FIRM's client, Partner B, for fraud and requested an accounting of partnership funds.  The FREEMAN FIRM filed a demurrer to Partner A's complaint.  The trial court granted the FREEMAN FIRM's demurrer and dismissed Partner A's complaint.  When Partner A appealed, the FREEMAN FIRM successfully defended Partner B before the Third District Court of Appeal, which upheld the trial court's dismissal.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is a Plaintiff?

A plaintiff is a person who brings a lawsuit claiming he has been injured or suffered damages by another's conduct.

What is a Defendant?

A defendant is the person who the plaintiff claims is responsible for causing his injuries or damages and therefore owes the plaintiff some type of compensation.

What is a Complaint?

A Complaint is the initial document filed with a court which briefly states the facts and allegations entitling the plaintiff to compensation.

What is an Answer?

An Answer is the document in which the defendant responds to the Complaint. The Answer contains the defendant's denial or acceptance of his responsibility for part or all of the injuries claimed by the plaintiff.  The defendant also alleges any defenses he may have which would prevent the plaintiff from recovering some or all of the claimed damages.

All definitions provided in this section of our website are paraphrased from Black's Law Dictionary and are meant to provide only basic information about the terms used herein.

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