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The FREEMAN FIRM understands that in these tumultuous times, our clients—whether public or private—are especially mindful of managing expenses.  At the outset of representation, our attorneys evaluate our client's position and develop a consensus with each client to determine an appropriate course of action. 

It may be more beneficial, expedient, and economical to settle a matter as soon as possible.  Settlement avoids the uncertainties of trial, eliminates litigation expenses, and saves the time involved in proceeding to trial. 

Unless the opposing party agrees to a settlement which reflects the strength of our client's claim, we stand firm.  If trial is necessary, The FREEMAN FIRM's attorneys structure an approach that effectively builds the framework of our case and emphasizes evidence supporting a favorable verdict. We take every opportunity to strengthen our client's position prior to trial.   

The FREEMAN FIRM’s litigation strategy is to put our clients in the most favorable position possible so we can successfully resolve their matter.  Our firm prides itself on its expertise, aggressive advocacy, creativity, and skill. We have an unsurpassed record of effectively and honorably representing our clients.

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