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Real Estate not only pertains to the transfer of real property, ownership rights, and valuation of property, but also includes contracts and other documents regarding real estate, such as buy-sell agreements and options to purchase real estate.  Commercial law involves rights, relations, and transactions pertaining to profit-making enterprises.  Income producing property, such as office buildings and apartments, involve both real estate and commercial law.  The attorneys of the FREEMAN FIRM are well-versed in these areas and ensure that legal rights are protected and transactions are timely and properly completed.  The FREEMAN FIRM represents developers, construction companies, business entities, and individuals in real estate and commercial transactions.

Representative Clients Include

  • A.G. Spanos Companies
  • City of Stockton
  • The Grupe Company
  • Pacific State Bank
  • InnCal Incorporated, Inc.
  • Monterey Pininsula Investments
  • Valleywhole Sale Drug Co., Inc.
  • B&D, Inc.
  • Beck Investment Company, Inc.
  • Aqua Pool & Spa, Inc.
  • Ellajack, Inc.
  • W.C. Maloney, Inc.
  • The Garibaldi Company
  • Bloom Construction Company
  • Stone Bros., Inc.
  • Antrim Engineering & Construction

Representative Cases Include

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Property Purchasers v. FREEMAN FIRM's Client: Seller/Developer

Case Overview

Property Purchasers sued the FREEMAN FIRM's client, Seller/Developer, for fraud, claiming $10 million in damages due to alleged structural damages to an apartment complex.  Early in the litigation, the FREEMAN FIRM presented a settlement offer of $250,000.  Property Purchasers wanted to negotiate, but the FREEMAN FIRM stood firm.  The FREEMAN FIRM's attorneys skillfully defended Seller/Developer, and Property Purchasers recovered nothing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is a Grant Deed?

A Grant Deed is a signed writing whereby title to real property is transferred from one party to another party.

What is an Option?

An Option is the right to elect to exercise a privilege; a contract to keep an offer open for a prescribed period of time.

What is an Escrow?

An escrow is a third party (business or person) who receives a legal document, money, stock, or other property from a person or entity granting a right or interest which is to be held until the happening or performance of a condition; once that happening or performance occurs, the third party delivers the legal document, money, stock, or other property to the person or entity receiving the right or interest.

What is an Assignment?

An Assignment is the transfer of all or part of one party’s property, interest, or rights to another party.

All definitions provided in this section of our website are paraphrased from Black's Law Dictionary and are meant to provide only basic information about the terms used herein.

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