The FREEMAN FIRM has successfully served its clients for more than four decades.  Our firm has built a reputation as skillful, effective advocates. Members of our firm work as a team to achieve favorable results for our clients.

We view each client individually, presenting a unique problem which requires a resolution tailored to meet that client's specific needs. Understanding a client's knowledge-base, tolerance for risk, objectives, and desired resolution are integral to creating our representation plan.  Although a time-honored course of action may offer the most beneficial outcome, the attorneys of the FREEMAN FIRM take a fresh look at every problem, and we recognize that sometimes a less conventional remedy is the better solution.

Our goal is to maximize the return for each client by obtaining the best result possible.  The FREEMAN FIRM's  attorneys base their approach in litigation matters on an evaluation of our client's position.  If we believe our client's position is tenuous, we encourage early settlement so our client avoids the significant expenses of discovery, retention of experts, legal fees, and other associated costs.  Conversely, if we believe our client's position is strong, a firm settlement position is established early in the litigation process, and unless our client's demands are met, we fully prepare to try the matter. 

In transactional matters, our attorneys advise clients of the most beneficial course of action.  We structure transactions to best meet the goals and objectives of our clients.  All transactions are carefully documented to protect our clients and minimize any potential for litigation.

The FREEMAN FIRM's commitment is not only to our clients, but our community as well.  Members of the firm serve in professional associations and charitable organizations, participate in civic events, and assist those in need. We also give seminars and presentations, and publish articles and resource materials to educate others.

If you have a question about our firm or want to schedule a consultation with an attorney, please call 209. 474.1818 or fill out our contact form so we may provide additional assistance.

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