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The professionals of the FREEMAN FIRM provide legal services  in a variety of practice areas.  Our attorneys' individual areas of concentration are supplemented by interaction and cooperation among our legal team, resulting in high quality, integrated legal services.

The FREEMAN FIRM's attorneys provide practical, well-planned solutions; our focus is protecting and promoting the interests of our clients.  Below is a brief description of some of the areas in which our attorneys offer their expertise, skill, and experience.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation includes many types of matters, such as real estate and commercial disputes; eminent domain/condemnation; personal injury and medical malpractice; insurance coverage and bad faith; business disputes; and appellate advocacy.  All the attorneys of the FREEMAN FIRM practice civil litigation.  Our litigators are tenacious, aggressive advocates.

Real Estate and Commercial Transactions

Real Estate not only pertains to the transfer of real property, ownership rights, and valuation of property, but also includes contracts and other documents regarding real estate, such as buy-sell agreements and options to purchase real estate.  Commercial law involves rights, relations, and transactions pertaining to profit-making enterprises.  Income producing property, such as office buildings and apartments, involve both real estate and commercial law.  The attorneys of the FREEMAN FIRM are well-versed in these areas and ensure that legal rights are protected and transactions are timely and properly completed.  The FREEMAN FIRM represents developers, construction companies, business entities, and individuals in real estate and commercial transactions.

Eminent Domain/Condemnation

Eminent domain—also referred to as condemnation—is the process by which a governmental entity takes private property for use in a public project, such as the widening of a road.  Eminent domain proceedings are governed by a comprehensive statutory scheme.  The attorneys of the FREEMAN FIRM have practiced eminent domain law for many years and have the experience and knowledge to successfully navigate through the complex California law regulating eminent domain proceedings.  The FREEMAN FIRM has successfully assisted numerous governmental entities in acquiring land for public projects, and our firm has also represented landowners in protecting their property rights.

Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice

Every perceived injury is not compensable. The circumstances giving rise to the injury and the type of injury must be carefully evaluated.  The FREEMAN FIRM's philosophy is to provide straightforward counsel.  As early as possible, we determine the strength of our client's case and tailor our strategy accordingly.  We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury and medical malpractice matters.  The FREEMAN FIRM's attorneys also work with insurance companies to ensure our clients are provided with quality legal representation when their insurance policy provides for such coverage.

Business Entity Formation and Organization, Financing, and Acquisitions

Forming and organizing a business involves prudent planning.  Matters such as the services, property, or funds which will be invested in the business, the value of those contributions, and the individuals who will participate in the management and control of the entity must be carefully thought out.  Financing or acquiring a business is complicated and arduous.  The considerations and decisions involved in such matters are best made with the advice of an experienced attorney.  Through years of serving clients in this practice area, the attorneys of the FREEMAN FIRM have honed their skills to ensure that documentation is legally compliant and our client’s objectives are met.

Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith

Insurance policies are issued to cover many situations which may occur in a business environment as well as an individual's life.  The FREEMAN FIRM's attorneys have experience reviewing insurance policies for both businesses and individuals and will pursue the rights of our clients for those occurrences covered under an issued policy.  It is notoriously difficult to enforce the duties and responsibilities an insurance company has to its insured.  Persistence and an understanding of the insurance code and case law are essential.  And if an insurance company refuses to abide by a policy's provisions, the attorneys of the FREEMAN FIRM have the experience and skill to litigate a case of bad faith.

Estate Planning

Inheritance and the law of disposition of assets are regulated by statute. To make certain real and personal property are disposed of according to a person's wishes requires an attorney skilled in estate planning.  The FREEMAN FIRM's attorneys assist clients in formulating their objectives, making recommendations to achieve those objectives, and preparing the necessary documents. Our legal professionals carefully draft estate planning documents so they accurately reflect our clients' wishes and comply with all statutory requirements.

Appellate Advocacy

A seasoned appellate attorney is required to determine whether a trial court committed an error which is appealable and whether that error was prejudicial and a factor in the outcome of the case.  Since the bulk of appellate work is written, it is critical to select an attorney with clear, concise, and persuasive written skills.  Because the FREEMAN FIRM places a high value on written work product, the firm's attorneys have the necessary skills to be effective advocates for our clients.  Our attorneys are experienced practitioners who have litigated in appellate courts for more than 40 years.

Assisting Other Attorneys

The FREEMAN FIRM offers legal services to attorneys and professionals.  The firm is available to act as co-counsel or trial counsel.  We also assist out-of-state attorneys with litigation filed in California courts or other matters requiring knowledge about, and experience in, California law.  The FREEMAN FIRM provides consultation services to attorneys and other professionals seeking legal advice.    

End Specialized Legal Skills

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