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Principals of the Firm
Maxwell M. Freeman
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Ronald J. D’Aiuto
View Profile of Ronald J. D'Aiuto
Lee Roy Pierce, Jr.
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Michael L. Gurev
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Thomas H. Keeling
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Arnold J. Wolf
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Associates of the Firm
Franklin J. Brummett
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Michael N. Morlan
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John W. Viss
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Matthew P. Brown
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Elizabeth Freeman Gurev
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Alysia Freeman Stevenson
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Valued Professionals of the Firm
Tonia M. Robancho
Paralegal View Profile of Tonia M. Robancho
Laura C. Smith
Paralegal View Profile of Laura C. Smith
Angela N. Yess
Paralegal View Profile of Angela N. Yess
Dolores Montion
Office Manager and Assistant to Mr. Freeman
The members of our team at FREEMAN, D’AIUTO, PIERCE, GUREV, KEELING & WOLF are carefully chosen for their experience, knowledge, and professionalism. Our attorneys have diverse, yet complimentary practice areas. We have litigated extensively before federal courts, appellate courts, and all California state courts. Nothing less than excellence is expected from the members of our legal team.

If you have a question about our firm or want to schedule a consultation with an attorney, please call 209. 474.1818 or fill out our contact form so we may provide additional assistance.

Freeman, D'Aiuto, Pierce, Gurev, Keeling & Wolf 


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